The Exclusive iOS Media Importer

Audicy is an iOS app which allows you to browse your entire device and add any supported audio and video to your Music app, Videos app, Ringtones, Podcasts, Camera Roll... without having to rely on iTunes or connect to your Mac or PC.

Import to your heart's content.

You can select to import multiple files at once like all the songs in an album and let Audicy implicitly extract any embedded Metadata.

If you prefer to have more control, you can single out a file to modify its Metadata and search online for a specific album artwork.

Audio Trimmer & Equalizer

One of Audicy's coolest features is its ability to effortlessly trim/cut any supported audio file to a desired musical fragment which you can use as a favourite ringtone, loop or part of a song.

Metadata & Album Artwork.

Audicy gives you the freedom to modify your media's metadata: artist, title, album, genre, etc...

You can enhance the look of your tracks inside the Music app by opting to change the album artwork using existing photos from your Photo Library or search the web for your desired choice.

Play it on a gorgeous built-in Music Player

Audicy integrates a versatile Music Player specially designed to make playing your audio/video tracks an enjoyable experience.

Background Audio

The player supports playing audio while Audicy is in the background and over the lock screen too.

Gesture Control

Using gestures over the artwork image, you can tap to play/pause, swipe right/left to skip or swipe down to hide the player.

Repeat Track

It features the usual playback buttons and an extra repeat button in case you really like a particular track.

Remote Control

You can control playback using your earphones' remote control.

Try it for 5 days.

We want to make sure that you get enough time to test drive Audicy before you decide it's worth your money, so we're giving you a generous 5 days trial period.

To get your 5 days trial of Audicy, search Cydia store for Audicy and install it.
You can also download your copy direct from our repo by adding the following address to the list of Cydia sources:

How To Buy.

After your 5 days trial is over, you will be presented with a secure in-app purchase window to buy a permanent licence for Audicy.

The preferred payment option is Apple Pay, but you can also pay using PayPal or your card.