SoundCloud made better.
Made more fun.

SoundCloud+ is a Cydia extension which extends the functionality of your existing SoundCloud app allowing you to download any track you listen to and much more...
It is carefully and painstakingly designed to integrate seemingly with SoundCloud app giving you the impression that it is part of it aesthetically and functionally.

SoundCloud+ is a powerful,
full featured download manager.

SoundCloud+ allows you to download any track you listen to in your SoundCloud app. You can pause and resume your downloads and when a download fails or you turn off your device, you can go back and resume any broken or unfinished downloads.
SoundCloud+ gives you control of the number of concurrent downloads with badge notification to denote number of downloads in progress and offers you various ways to trigger your downloads.

Background Download

Your tracks continue to download while the app is in the background or the screen is locked for longer then the 10 min limit as long as the app is playing music.

Playlist Mode

Automatically download a track when you add it to a playlist. This feature is very handy as it will allow you to play that particular playlist in offline mode with no internet.

Auto Download

Automatically download a track the moment it starts playing or specify a delay measured in the number of seconds the track should play before the download is started.

Shake to Download

Shake your device to download the track currently playing. Works while the app is in "Audio Player" view.

Play your downloads on a gorgeous built-in Music Player

SoundCloud+ integrates a versatile - iOS 9 ready - Music Player specially designed to make listening to your downloaded tracks an enjoyable experience.

Background Audio

The player supports playing music while SoundCloud app is in the background and over the lock screen too.

Gesture Control

Using gestures over the artwork image, you can tap to play/pause, swipe right/left to skip or swipe down to hide the player.

Remote Control

You can control playback using your earphones' remote control.

Repeat Track

It features the usual playback buttons and an extra repeat button in case you really like a particular track.

Offline playback saving you precious bandwidth.

Wouldn’t it be nice to listen to your favorite tracks without having to download them every time you try to listen to them?
SoundCloud+ extends the functionality of the app by allowing offline playback of any track you have already downloaded. It forces SoundCloud app to check if the track you are attempting to play has already been downloaded, and if it is, it loads the local copy with no need to use your internet connection and therefore saving you bandwidth.

SC+ gives you the freedom to play your tracks wherever and whenever.

Import your tracks.

SC+ features an option to import your tracks - up to 5 tracks in a go - to your Music or Podcasts apps.
It also integrates with existing Safari Downloader+ or Chrome Downloader+ to change your track’s metadata (artist name, title, genre, artwork image...) before the import is triggered.

Share it with friends for real.

Share a downloadable link of any track you’ve downloaded with your friends using the usual sharing services like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, WhatsApp…
Open your downloaded track in any MP3 supporting app you have installed in your device.

Try it for 5 days.

We want to make sure that you get enough time to test drive SoundCloud+ before you decide it's worth your money
So we're giving you a generous 5 days trial period.

To get your 5 days trial of SoundCloud+, please add the following repo to Cydia sources and download your copy:

How To Buy.

After your 5 days trial is over, you will be presented with a secure in-app purchase window to buy a permanent licence for SoundCloud+ when you fire any download.

The preferred payment option is PayPal but you can also pay using your card.